Insurance Council

Insurance Council’s Mission is to influence, ethically, and expertly, the political, social, business & economic environment in order to promote members’ roles in providing insurance protection and security to the community.

National Insurance Brokers Association

Principle member of national insurance brokers association. NIBA represests around 500 members to provide educational service, professional certification and other services to help manage business.

Steadfast Group

Steadfast Brecknock Insurance Brokers is part of the largest insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand, the Steadfast Group.

Comprised of over 300 brokerages spread across more than 700 offices, the Steadfast Group generated over $6.1 billion in sales in FY15. This scale gives Steadfast flexibility and influence when negotiating with major insurers on behalf of Steadfast brokers and results in us being able to provide our customers with access to multiple insurance companies, a broad range of products, competitive pricing and valuble advice.

As a client of a Steadfast network insurance broker, you get the best of both worlds - local and personalised service, with the insurance expertise and support of a large organisation.

Strength when you need it.

The Institute

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance is the leading provider of education, training and professional development services to the insurance and financial services industry in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.